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Cecelia Stephens
Certified Health Coach | Certified Yoga Instructor

With a background in athletics, dance, nutrition, psychology and kinesiology, Cecilia pursued a career in the medical field for over 15 years while working as a certified personal trainer and a licensed esthetician. She has been helping clients achieve their health goals since 2008.  

As a Certified Health Coach, her focus is on whole life integration, body awareness and relationship with food. 

As a Certified Yoga Instructor, her classes are centered around functional movement, breathwork, restorative and hatha yoga styles. These teaching styles are accessible to anyone, regardless of current circumstances and limitations. 

Her intentional and methodical approach allows for increasing patience with self, uncovering innate body awareness and a deeper release of experiences stored in the physical body.  

Her aim is to restore functionality to the nervous system as well as increase cohesive movement and body awareness. This type of training naturally increases one's strength and flexibility. 

Unlike more traditional yoga offerings, this style is perfect for people who are intimidated by traditional settings, have exercise induced anxiety, unhealthy attachments, excessive emotional states and perhaps trauma that is asking to be released.  

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