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Fredericksburg weight loss coaches helping you attain your health goals.

Weight Loss and Orthopedic Care

It sounds simple enough: lose weight and get in shape to can get the treatment you need. The only problem is, if you are already in pain, feeling tired and sluggish, it can be hard to really make progress on your own when fighting to lose weight.

Most people become discouraged and give up, feeling as if they have no choice but to live with the pain and loss of functionality. Others are simply too embarrassed and lack the support they need to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Nothing is more frustrating than being told that the surgery you need to help reduce and relieve pain and restore function must wait until you are at a safer weight.

We understand the science of weight loss and bone and joint health, so we're able to deliver results to overweight patients preparing for surgery.

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The Professional Weight Loss Center Difference
Proudly Serving Fredericksburg, VA

Our ground-breaking weight loss system takes you step-by-step from where you are to where you need to be to have a successful surgery. Our science-backed program offers a targeted, supportive weight loss system that really works.

We can help you change your diet, increase the nutrient-dense foods you eat and decrease your weight. Whether you are suffering from back pain, need a joint replacement, or advanced pain management, we can help.

Don’t live with the pain for one day longer than you have to.

Work with us to lose weight, tone, and strengthen your body. By getting ready for surgery, you can get back your life. It does not have to be this way anymore.

To find out how we have helped patients lose weight, gain energy, improve their overall conditioning, prepare for surgery, schedule a consultation today.

Health Coach Promises
  • We will help you discover your own motivation and strategies for change.
  • We will focus on what is working for you. We will build on what’s working, rather than fixing what’s broken.
  • We understand the stages of change, which allows us to offer you appropriate support along the way.
  • We applaud and encourage you as you create new and healthy habits, reversing those habits which hold you back.
  • We walk with you helping you to stay on track and achieve your goals.

Get to know our Health Coaches
We will help you make changes that lead to sustainable weight loss results. Our health coaches help you change the way you think about food, exercise, and stress management to ensure meaningful, sustainable changes with visible results.
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