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How the Fit3D body scanner posture analysis can enhance weight loss
December 17, 2021 at 5:00 AM
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Scientific studies have demonstrated that maintenance of good posture enhances the flow of oxygen to various parts of the body. Bad posture, on the other hand, creates imbalances in muscle strength and joint mechanics. These imbalances can be identified by a 3D body scanner. In only 40 seconds, our Fit3D body scanner will generate a three-dimensional image of your body and provide insights into key areas, including precise measurements that can help transform your workout routine and improve your weight loss plan. This article will give reasons you should start a new workout routine with a posture analysis.

What is the Fit3D posture analysis system?

The Fit3D posture analysis system utilizes a digital scanner to perform detailed posture analysis. The scanner captures precise body measurements of the person, creating a 3D avatar, and then uses software to identify major body landmarks to construct posture. The system is non-invasive, eliminates human subjectivity and saves time on every assessment. It also generates and maintains digital files, making it easy to compare multiple scans over time to track workout progress.

Reasons for starting a workout regime with posture analysis

Posture analysis is an important component of the non-surgical method of losing weight. Workouts at the gym, for example, can cause considerable pain and interruption of weight loss plans. Here are some of the main reasons for starting a new workout regime with posture analysis:

It provides metrics that help to lose weight

Posture analysis provides wellness metrics including body shape and waist to hip and trunk to leg volume ratios. The body shape ratio (BSR) — a wellness score based on volume, not weight — can be improved by increasing leg muscle tissue and reducing waist circumference. After a Fit3D analysis report is reviewed by our wellness technician, a weight loss plan that includes a mix of exercise and good nutrition can be developed.

It helps identify problems that impact mobility

Posture analysis will evaluate the position of the shoulders, hip and knees so that mobility issues associated with these parts of the body can be identified:

  • Shoulders: Bad posture can impact the free movement of the shoulder joint. If not identified through a Fit3D posture analysis and corrected, it can wear down the tendons, which hold together the shoulder bones (shoulder blade, collar bone and the arm bone). This will cause pain when the arm connected to the affected shoulder is raised above the head during a workout.
  • Hip: Pelvic abnormalities are common causes of hip or low back pain. An example is the rotated thigh bone, which causes the pelvis to tilt forward or give the spine greater curvature. Both conditions can make workout a painful experience for afflicted persons. A Fit3D posture analysis will help identify these conditions so that the workout regime can be appropriately adjusted by the health and wellness coach.
  • Knees: Poor foot posture can have a knock-on effect on the knees. Over time, the knee falls inwards due to poor foot posture and the affected individual begins to experience knee pain. A Fit3D posture analysis will identify this condition so that adjustments can be made to the fitness training regime.

Start your Fit3D posture analysis in Fredericksburg, VA

We recommend that anyone willing to lose weight should start a new workout routine with a Fit3D posture analysis. It is a science-based system that enables you to lose weight using the analysis of your posture. You will be able to track your weight loss progress using the three-dimensional avatar generated from previous sessions. 

If you are looking to lose weight in the Fredericksburg, VA area, Keep Active Health & Wellness are the go-to professionals. We are physician's assistants with over 35 years of work experience in orthopedics. Our goal is to assist people who want to lose weight but don't qualify for surgery because of their weight. 

A Fit3D posture analysis will help you lose weight without the need for surgery. Schedule a consultation for your Fit3D scan today so you can develop a weight loss plan that meets your goals.