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Joseph Gowaty, PA-C
Clinic Director/Orthopedics

Joseph has been a Physician Assistant for 35 years with a career focused on musculoskeletal medicine. Still working for Orthopedic Specialty Clinic, he also established Keep Active Health & Wellness in 2021 to help his patients improve function and mobility for mundane tasks and recreational activities. Realizing the increased medical risks of orthopedic surgery on obese and overweight patients, he has sought to provide the best tools and providers in the area to help those seeking assistance in weight loss and improved lifestyle.

“Weight loss before surgery can set you up for greater success during and after the procedure by reducing the risk of complications and improving joint function after surgery.”

Research has shown that being an overweight individual adds additional stress to your bones, joints, and connective tissue. Imagine how detrimental that stress is to a damaged musculoskeletal system. Being an overweight patient is a major factor in how well you do after orthopedic care––especially following a surgical procedure. The better shape you are in before the surgery, the better your odds for optimal recovery––if you are out of shape, your body will struggle to heal after a procedure.

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