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Active Orthopedic Health & Wellness

We’re here to help you get back in action and feel your best.We offer specialized care for every musculoskeletal condition affecting your bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and joints. So, whether you want to get back to peak sports performance or improve your function and mobility, we’re ready to provide the very best care to you.
Quality Orthopedic Care for your aches and pains.
Holistic Care for all around function.
Cortisone Injections when needed to control pain and swelling.
Medical Management when needed to control inflammation and spasm.
SoundWave Orthotripsy Therapy to promote healing and function.
HOCATT & HUGO to decrease systemic inflammation.
Dry Needling for pain control and relief of trigger points.
Percutaneous Nerve Stim for pain control and relief of trigger points.
Weight loss in Virginia Beach.