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The Impact of an Alkaline Diet and How it Correlates to Inflammation
April 20, 2022 at 4:00 PM

The alkaline diet has made headlines over the past decade for its claims of improving one’s health and avoiding sickness and complications. In this article, we’re going to tackle how it addresses inflammation specifically. But first, let’s cover the basics to understand how the diet works.

Alkalinity vs Acidity

To understand the alkaline diet, it’s important to be familiar with the concepts of alkalinity, acidity, and pH levels.

Alkalinity and acidity are measured on the pH scale, which can range from 0 to 14. If the pH is lower than 7 it is acidic, and if it is higher than 7 it is alkaline. A pH of seven is considered neutral.

The Alkaline Diet

The alkaline diet, simply put, is all about consuming more alkaline a.k.a. basic foods over acidic foods.

Foods that are considered acidic are what you would find in a typical Western diet: animal products, refined sugars, processed foods, and grains.

Alkaline foods on the other hand are centralized on whole foods — most leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, select soy products, and a variety of nuts and seeds.

This diet is derived from the notion that eating foods that are less acidic and more alkaline will protect you from a multitude of health issues.

Prevent Inflammation and More

Advocates of the alkaline diet believe that a highly acidic diet promotes a body where inflammation is common. Inflammation can come in the form of arthritis, acne, fatigue, weight gain, and more.

But with an alkaline diet, the pH balance can be properly regulated and skewed to be less acidic. This reduces inflammation, essentially eliminating pain and decreasing the chances of inflammatory diseases developing.

People who follow an alkaline diet are generally more energetic. Their bodies and organs function better, from their digestive abilities to their overall sense of well-being.

In addition, this diet is also found to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and help you maintain a steady weight.


Alkaline diets work by decreasing the acidity in your body and improving both biological and cognitive function. This kind of diet has also shown special signifi