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The Results

When injected regularly, the compound formula may enhance the body’s fat-burning capacity. Results are not immediate, but may be visible in a short period of time. Not everybody responds the same way to the treatment and individual results will vary. For optimal effects, it is important to continue to exercise and follow a healthy, low calorie diet. MIC injections cannot address serious weight issues or obesity. They are meant to be part of a sustainable weight management program.

How Does the Fat Burner Work?

Anyone who is serious about exercise knows that taking a pre-workout can help get your body revved up for working out and burning fat in the short-term. By getting this premium injection, you help your body increase the amount of fat burn for days (the effects can even last up to a week!).

The specific blend of B vitamins, L-Carnitine, and the lipotropic MIC-B12 injection help your body burn fat by speeding up your metabolism, increasing the amount of fat being transported to the mitochondria of your cells, and by maximizing your liver’s ability to do its job.