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Wellness center in Fredericksburg, VA shares tips on how to overcome plateaus in your weight loss journey
February 9, 2022 at 4:00 PM
Woman working out in the gym

Losing weight is a commitment that requires consistency. At first, it may seem that you’re shedding pounds easily but at a certain point in your journey, you’ll notice that the numbers on the scale have stopped dropping.

When that happens, you’ve hit a weight loss plateau.

It’s a frustrating feeling, we know. But it helps to remember that weight loss plateaus are completely normal. More importantly, you can get out of the rut sooner than you think with the help of Keep Active Health & Wellness, a wellness center in Fredericksburg, VA.

Here are some of our best tips on how to help you break out of that weight loss plateau and achieve your fitness goals.

Review your weight loss progress

When it feels like your efforts aren’t paying off, that’s the time to look back and see how far you’ve come. How much progress have you made since you started your weight loss journey? How many more pounds do you need to shed? Which areas of your body do you need to work the most on?

It’s difficult to just guess the answers to these questions. To know the correct steps you need to take, it’s important to review your weight loss progress and assess your body.

Our wellness center in Fredericksburg, VA is equipped with a Fit3D Scanner that lets you gain insights about key areas of your body for improvements in your weight loss plan.

The Fit3D Scanner provides a 360-degree 3D image of your body as well as a body shape rating so that you know which parts need more work in terms of exercise.

Get health coaching

If you’ve been planning your diet on your own before you hit a weight loss plateau, you deserve a pat on the back for the tremendous progress you’ve made.

But to break out of the plateau, you need to know when to call in expert help. With the proper technique, meal plans, and health advice, you can get your weight loss journey back on track and begin shedding those pounds again.

At Keep Active Health & Wellness, we offer health coaching programs that include science-backed customized diet plans to complement your weight loss efforts and improve overall health.

Our health and wellness coaches also provide insights on strategies to help you stay on track with your diet, as well as guide you in achieving healthy and sustainable eating habits.

Work with a personal trainer