Float Therapy

By Superior Float Tanks

Revolution Float Orb

The largest float pod designed for taller users which can be used in the enclosed position or left open during the float session. Low side-entry threshold for ease of entry and exit. Available with fiber-optic starlight throughout the domed interior. Requires approximately 1100 pounds of Epsom salt.


Float pods, float rooms, and the float orb all contain an Epsom salt water solution, more buoyant than the Dead Sea. The 180 gallons of water contain over 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt precisely warmed to 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The water is 10 inches deep. Not too deep, but just deep enough to allow for a safe and comforting float for all body types. As you relax horizontally, your body will gently float upon the surface of the water.


Please plan to check-in at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time for detailed instruction before you float. Each float starts and ends with a shower inside your private room. We request that you remove make-up as well as hair products and body lotions before you float. Once you begin, music (in the pod & orb), light and door remain under your control


The water is completely filtered four times between each use, utilizing ultra violet filtration, ozone sanitation and hydrogen peroxide. This combined filtration system removes bacteria and other possible contaminants. Float therapy or sensory deprivation is a unique way to relax both your mind and body, unplugged and free from all external stimuli.

Float effortlessly, in your own private room, as you lie on your back in a spacious fiberglass pod - also known as a float tank or isolation tank, filled with skin temperature water containing 1000 lbs. of pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salt. You are in full control of the light, music, and pod lid during your experience. Be in complete silence and darkness or listen to ambient music, leave the light on and lid open - customize to your comfort. Floating is best known for its ability to reduce anxiety and stress, relieve pain and improve sleep.

The Revolution Float Orb is large and spacious, it’s just that — superior to traditional float pods. Not only is it larger than normal pods, this unique float was custom designed by the industry’s top manufacturer of therapeutic floatation tanks to offer an experience unlike any other. Amazing acoustics, binaural beats, and a starlit ceiling move your entire body into a new world of relaxation. One you can only find at Keep Active.

The Sky’s The Limit

The Superior Float Tank is equipped with a beautiful, fiber-optic starlight ceiling. The stars twinkle in and out, changing color and leading you into a blissful out-of-body experience; lost in a constellation of peaceful contemplation.

Good Vibrations

Submerse yourself in a binaural beat experience that laps waves of transient music over you as you float away. Audiophiles will love the immersive, surround-sound as they let go of their pre-tank troubles. And you can be sure: the calming, brain-calibrated music will take you to a place of meditative bliss you’ve never experienced before.

Seamless, Clean Interior

The tank was designed with a seamless interior. This smooth finish eliminates the potential growth of mold and mildew on any seams inside the float environment. This keeps foreign contaminants out of the water and gives your body a pristine experience.

Safe Floors

The floor of our tank features a strong, diamond textured anti-slip surface to help keep you on your feet when you’re ready to leave. This specialized base, along with a generous 16-inch step, makes for an easy entry and exit.

Comfortable Temperature

The orb comes equipped with two in-tank heaters to maintain consistent temperature throughout the float session. The heaters are additionally insulated and encased in the fiberglass composite for maximum efficiency.

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