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IV Therapy

Empower yourself to do more with life

IV Therapy is a more recent treatment that is quickly gaining a reputation for helping patients increase energy, boost metabolism, and burn fat at quicker rates than before. Lipotropic shots are formulated with a compound of ingredients; while the base of this treatment is vitamin B12, the other ingredients include fat-busting and metabolism-increasing amino acids that work with the body to eliminate unwanted fat and remove toxins clogging up your metabolic rate.

100% Absorption

Gone are the days when only hospital patients receive IV drip therapy treatments. Today, many health-conscious people enjoy IV hydration therapy as a way of getting the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and even medications they need to feel better and keep their body functioning properly.

With a vitamin infusion, your body receives nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This bypasses the digestive system, which would otherwise lower the amount of vitamins your body can absorb. With drip hydration, nutrients are instantly available, so your body can absorb 100% of what it needs before passing along the rest to your kidneys to be flushed out.

How Is This Different?

With so many kinds of vitamins and supplements available, IV therapy can deliver a range of health and wellness benefits.

IV Cocktails

Hydrate - This includes basic hydration in a 500mL bag. Hydration is great for post viruses particularly stomach related to  replenish fluid loss, post marathons or other strenuous activities, and to promote overall optimal organ function.

Myer’s Cocktail - This is the popular “Myer’s Cocktail.”  Myer’s mix is a blend of high dose B vitamins, vitamin C, and other minerals. This mix aids with recovery, jet lag, illness, athletic performance, jump start weight loss, fatigue, and overall health optimization.

Rise & Shine - This “Hangover mix” aids with hydration, pain, and fatigue associated with the day after a night out. It includes the traditional Myer’s Cocktail and additional medications for pain and nausea. 

Immune Booster - Boost your body's natural defenses or help recover from recent illness with our immune booster blend.  This mix includes our traditional Myer’s Cocktail with additional Zinc and Vitamin C for their immune boosting properties.

Beauty Mix - The Beauty Mix is a great addition to your aesthetic services package! This mix promotes glowing skin and longer, stronger hair and nails.  It contains our traditional Myer’s Cocktail with the addition of Biotin and Glutathione.

Executive (NAD) - This infusion is also known as NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) which can aid in anti-aging, ENERGY, increased focus and cognition, increased metabolism, and improved cellular function. Break up your work week with this powerful energy booster! Please note that this infusion is not available for walk-in appointments and will need to allow for a longer appointment time.

To address any other symptoms, please request to talk to a provider about additional specialty infusions.

IM Injections

Lipotropic MicB12 - Weight loss, boosts energy and metabolism.

Vitamin D3

Glutathione - Powerful antioxidant, improves skin, stimulates immune system, supports liver detoxification, helps with aging and memory loss. 

Zofran - Medication given for nausea.Tordol - Medication for pain. This is a non-narcotic anti-inflammatory medication that can be especially beneficial for headaches, general body aches.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - Powerful antioxidant, weight loss, neuropathy, reduce inflammation, improve skin quality, slows progression of memory loss. Used as an anti-aging compound.

IV Add-Ons 

B12 - Weight loss, boosts energy and metabolism.

Vitamin C - Antioxidant, immune booster, builds energy.

Glutathione - Powerful antioxidant, improves skin, stimulates immune system, supports liver detoxification, helps with aging and memory loss.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - Powerful antioxidant, weight loss, neuropathy, reduce inflammation, improve skin quality, slows progression of memory loss. Used as an anti-aging compound.

Biotin (Vitamin B7) - Improves skin elasticity, increases smoothness, revives brittle nails, and accelerates nail and hair growth. 

Tordol - Medication for pain. This is a non-narcotic anti-inflammatory medication that can be especially beneficial for headaches, general body aches.

Zofran - Medication given for nausea.

Taurine - Reduces inflammation, improves athletic performance, and repairs aging effects.

  • Promoting faster weight loss

  • Curing hangover symptoms

  • Treating certain nutrient deficiencies

  • Cleansing your body of toxins and free radicals

  • Increasing your energy levels

  • Promoting better cardiovascular health

  • Easing anxiety and promoting relaxation

The LiquiLift®

When you put the very best in your body, you empower yourself to do more with life. This is what makes us feel accomplished and fulfilled. This vitamin infusion service includes all of the nutrients you need to feel your best.

The LiquiLift® nutrient IV drip ensures you take in all of the powerful vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body needs, so you can stay motivated to do more and feel great at the same time.

Fountain Of Youth

How you treat yourself in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond determines how you'll look and feel in the next decades of your life.

  • Rehydrate your skin after excessive sun exposure to avoid wrinkles.

  • Replenish your body with nutrients that nourish your hair, skin, and nails so they appear healthier.

  • Reduce the visible signs of aging and feel better about your appearance.

  • Detox and eliminate toxins from your system, so you look younger.

Performance Hydration

This vitamin infusion gives you energy, recovers muscles, and improves your athletic performance.

  • Increase stamina and energy to perform your best in any physical activity.
  • Be mentally alert and focused to meet your fitness or athletic goals.
  • Strengthen muscles before and after intense physical activity.
  • Recover your energy levels naturally and bounce back from complete exhaustion.
  • Combat fatigue and stay motivated to train for longer hours.

Rise & Shine

Get over your hangover in under an hour with this vitamin infusion. The fact is your brain needs to reset, so you can function.

  • Avoid headaches, dizziness after a long night with little to no sleep.

  • Obtain the energy to bounce back, be productive and get things done.

  • Empower your immune system to protect you, so you don't get sick.

  • Hydrate your brain and other organs, so you can function completely without putting more strain on your body.

  • Be alert and ready to take on your day.

The Executive

This vitamin infusion improves your energy levels and mood. This allows you to enjoy the best life has to offer well after you clock out of work.

  • Feel sharper and clearer to perform daily activities with precision.
  • Improve your overall mood, so you can be more productive during your workday.
  • Get energy to exercise or pick up a hobby after hours.
  • Combat stress by feeling relaxed and in control over your tasks.
  • Avoid getting sick by keeping your immune system strong and healthy.

Chelation Therapy

Modern life fills our bodies with all kinds of dangerous heavy metals and minerals like mercury, copper, iron, lead, arsenic, aluminum, and calcium that can negatively affect your health in the long term. Clean your body from heavy metals in your bloodstream.

  • EDTA acts as an antioxidant by removing heavy metals in your bloodstream, keeping your cells healthy.

  • Reduce risk of heart problems caused by high levels of calcium in your arteries' walls.

  • Maintain a healthy and clean cardiovascular system that works faster and smoother, thanks to a better flow of blood through your body.


NAD IV drips helps keeping your brain clear and your cells young.

  • Higher NAD levels can help the body recover faster from injuries.
  • NAD drips can help reducing cravings and recovery time of your brain's cells.
  • Speed up cellular processes and chemical changes in your brain to feel more focused.
  • Slow down degenerative aging processes at a cellular level.

Natural Defense

Don't start worrying about your health when early signs of aging or sickness occur. Start doing something now while you can still be active. This vitamin infusion boosts the immune system big time.

  • Avoid getting sick by fueling your immune system with high-impact nutrients to keep you resilient.

  • Obtain powerful antioxidants to fight against airborne illnesses floating around work or home.

  • Maintain a healthy nervous system and improve the cardiovascular function of the body.

  • Improve your body’s ability to withstand stress, intense levels of work or travel.

Glutathione Nutrient

Also known as the “body’s super hero”, glutathione is one of the most vital antioxidants in the body that protects cells from disease, while making your skin look brighter and more beautiful. Consistent glutathione IV infusions can help you brighten your skin complexion.

  • Improve skin complexion over a series of glutathione drips by minimizing melanin
  • Look and feel younger by keeping your cells healthy and strong
  • Empower your body's detoxification process, so you operate effectively
  • Encourage cell revitalization and regeneration
  • Improve overall body energy and metabolism
  • Detoxify the liver and cells, so you're protected against diseases
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